Monday, November 19, 2018

Help Your Grandchildren Watch for God's Blessings in 2019

As grandmas who are purposeful about handing down the faith, we talk often about the things God has done for which we are thankful. It is a natural, "given".

We also talk with our grandchildren about the things God has done for them for which they are thankful. But, in the coming year, we could be much more purposeful in helping our grandchildren be people who are thankful by helping them learn to "open their eyes" and "see" God's many blessings, big and small.

One way we are able to do this, is by choosing a Scripture verse or passage which will help them remember to seek and follow God, make it into a blessing and then speak over and with your grandchildren throughout the coming year. 

For example, if you chose Proverbs 3:5, 6 you could read the verses to your grandchildren in person - or over the phone. Talk about what the verses mean. Encourage them to make it the blessing they use to start and end each day. Give them a journal and pen and then ask them to write down each time over the coming year when they trusted God and are able to see How he made their path straight. Tell them at Thanksgiving next year, they will celebrate the many blessings they record in their journals! For young grandchildren who do not know how to write, a parent or you could write the blessings they see over the coming year, or they could draw them in their journals.

Handing down the faith is about sharing with our grandchildren Who God is and what His Word says, but it is also about helping them learn to watch for how God works in their own lives, so the faith becomes their own. Being purposeful about helping them learn to watch for God's blessings is a great way to do this!

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