Thursday, November 22, 2018

Make Known God's Deeds & Blessings

On this Thanksgiving Day when we focus upon giving thanks, consider adding a simple way to track your family's blessings all throughout the coming year. At your dinner, give each person a piece of paper and pen/crayon. Give a few moments for them to write/draw something for which they are thankful on their paper and let everyone share the thing for which they are thankful.

Then put the papers in a container - any container will do. Place the container on your counter and throughout the coming year, encourage your family to add slips of paper with things for which they are thankful. For example, if a grandchild experienced God's help with a difficult test, they could write/draw it on paper and add it to your container. If God provided for a need, add it to the container. All year, whenever anyone has a blessing, add it to the container. Then next year, empty the "blessings" and take time to remember and be thankful!

What are you thankful for today - please share below. I'm thankful for grandsons who love God and believe in the Bible!

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