Friday, November 30, 2018

Media Does Influence Our Grandchildren, But So Do We

For decades (about two and a half) I (Lynda Freeman) have been writing websites/blogs about Children's Ministry. From time to time on my Children's Ministry blog, I share video clips from George Barna - he has so much insight as to what is happening in the world in which we, and the ones we love, live. Today I'd like to share one of his video clips with you. (You will find it at this link.) In this video George talks about the seven major influences in our lives - please take a minute to watch it.

Now, while he is talking about ministry in churches, think about what you just saw/heard in relation to you and your grandchildren. Consider the following . . .

  • Media - movies, television, books, internet and music are five powerful influences in our lives and in the lives of the children we love.
  • The messages from these sources of media remain in our minds and heart and shape the way we all think, believe and behave.
So, with these things being true, consider this question; how do we use media to communicate with the children we love?
  • Family and public policy also shape what we think, believe and how we behave.
  • The typical family has almost no spiritual life together - they may go to church together, but to their "own" areas of the church for ministry.
  • In the home, where families spend the most time together, faith is not an essential part of their time together.
Makes you think. So, with these questions "floating" around your mind, ask yourself, do these influences push us toward understanding, desiring and wanting to live for Jesus and what does it take for us to truly facilitate real Christian living with our grandchildren? Do we need to make any changes in the way we approach handing down the faith?

And, keep in mind, you are one of the most influential people in the lives of the children you love - what you say and do does make a difference. 

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