Friday, November 16, 2018

Take Your "Impossible Things" to God

As this week wraps up, I want to just take a moment to encourage you with this quote from Charles Spurgeon - "God alone can do what seems impossible." 

First of all, this is true. God is far bigger than we think He is and He is able, and willing, to do far more than we will ever imagine. Nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible for God.

Having said this, it is important to remember, there are times when we do not understand the things God does and the things He does not do, but does allow into our lives and the lives of those we love. In these times it is essential for us to hold on to the truth; God loves us. God is Good. God is able to do the impossible. God hears, listens to and answers our prayers. God never leaves us. These things are the truth and we need to hold tightly to them at all times, but especially when there are things going on in our lives and the lives of those we love which we do not understand.

When we model what it means and looks like to be people who hold tightly to God and the truth; no matter what, our grown children and our grandchildren will see and take note. Handing down the faith is more than just saying the right words; although we need to be people who speak the truth about God as well. Handing down the faith is about living what we believe; in the times when it is easy to do so, and especially in the times when we need to remember and hold tightly to the truth about how, "God alone can do what seems impossible." When we do this, our grown children and grandchildren will see how they are able to do the same thing - take their, "impossible things" to God as well!

So today, be encouraged and take your, "impossible things" to God in prayer. He is not intimidated by our, "impossible things". They are not, "impossible things" to Him.

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