Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thankful Thursdays - Pray Be Watchful & Thankful - Colossians 4:2

One of the obvious things we do when we hand down the faith, is we teach our grandchildren how to be people who pray. We help them learn to pray Scripture, keep a prayer journal, and learn to pray for others, but do we also take time to teach them to watch and be thankful as they pray? If we have taught our grandchildren to pray, we have done something important, but there is still more to teach.

We absolutely want our grandchildren to be people who talk with God, but we also want them to be people who keep their eyes open to see how and where God answers their prayers . . . and then who are quick to express their thanks to God for His answers. 

Yesterday I wrote about keeping a "God's Great Deeds Jar" (you will find it at this link) and I'd like to encourage you again today to keep a "God's Great Deeds Jar" in your home and give your grandchildren their own as well. A "God's Great Deeds Jar" is a great way to help our grandchildren learn to be people who keep their eyes open to watch for how God answers their prayers and who are thankful for God's answers - and it is a great way to help us do the same!

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