Friday, November 30, 2018

There is Never a Moment When God is Not Thinking About You & Those You Love

You may be a committed prayer warrior who spends time every day talking with God on behalf of the ones you love and know. For you prayer may be as much a part of your life as breathing. But, you may be a person who struggles with praying. If this is you, take heart! While you may struggle with prayer, while you may find the day has slipped by and you did not stop to pray, take heart! God is always thinking about you!

Remember when Jesus was in the garden praying before He went to the cross and He asked His disciples to pray with and for Him? He went a ways from them and spent time talking with God the Father, but His disciples fell asleep. When Jesus discovered they were sleeping, He did not tell them how horrible they were. He understood and again asked them to pray.

If you find prayer a challenge, don't give up! Jesus is asking you to pray again!

This is an important thing to teach our grandchildren as well. Some children just seem to be very comfortable with prayer and are powerful prayer warriors from a young age. Others struggle with prayer - it is difficult to talk to someone you are not physically able to see. Encourage your grandchildren to become people who pray. If they miss a day, do what Jesus did - encourage them to pray again, because there is never a moment when God is not thinking about them!

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