Monday, December 24, 2018

Celebrate, Remember & Serve

At my house (Lynda) we celebrated Christmas last night. My grandsons were very excited about being able to open their gifts, but I'm happy to say they all know Christmas is about much more than receiving gifts - they know it is about Jesus. They remember the reason for all the celebrating.

Yesterday we baked cookies - lots of them - for people, and a recipe for the canines in the family. Then we put together a package of cookies - for people and canines and the boys took them next door to share with the neighbors - and their dogs. A simple - and tasty - way to help my grandsons focus upon giving to others.

Enjoy celebrating Christmas with those you love; if you are able to do so, find a way to bring a simple bit of serving others into your day, and keep the focus upon Jesus. Long after they forget about the gifts they received, they may remember taking time to serve and give to others on Christmas. A wonderful family tradition.

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