Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Hand Down the Faith with "Mystery Bags" - God Knew What He Was Doing When He Made Our Grandchildren

Our grandchildren grow up in a world where they are not only told science teaches the world just "happened", but they are also taught it is possible they are a "mistake" . . . if they were born as a boy, the could really be a girl - or vise-versa.

But, the absolute truth is God made everything, He knew what He was doing when He created our grandchildren and He did not make any mistakes. Today's Mystery Bag will help you share these important truths with your grandchildren in a very hands-on way.

You will need . . . 
  • Paper lunch bags - one per grandchild
  • Balloons - one per grandchild
  • Plastic building blocks (small size which will fit in a balloon) about six per grandchild
Place all the supplies in each bag (mail filled bags to grandchildren who live far and make a "date" to connect over the phone or on-line to go through the project with them) and gather your grandchildren. Hand out the bags and ask your grandchildren what they have heard about how the world came to be.

Talk about how some people believe there was nothing, and then this nothing, on its own, became something. Have your grandchildren open their bags and put their little plastic building blocks into their balloons. Ask them to blow up their balloons until they pop.

When the balloons pop, ask them if their blocks are putting themselves together. Take a moment to look intently at the blocks and wait for them to "assemble" into something on their own.

Talk about how of course, their blocks are not able to build themselves into anything. Ask your grandchildren to build something from their blocks and give them time to do so. Let them share what they built then talk about how they are the ones who put the pieces together and if they had not, the pieces would never have done so on their own.

Then talk about how when it comes to how the world was created, there is no way something could come from nothing without God. Ask your grandchildren what some of their favorite things are in the world around them, then take time to thank God for creating them.

Share how your grandchildren are some of your favorite parts of creation and how you know God knew what He was doing when He created them - and He did not make any mistakes! Ask your grandchildren to put the item they built on their dresser or near their bed, so they will see it each day when they wake up and when they go to bed and be reminded how God made them - and everything - and He knew what He was doing . . . they are NOT a mistake!

Spend time thanking God for the wonderful way He made your grandchildren.

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