Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Hand Down the Faith with "Mystery Bags" - God Has a "Recipe" for Our Lives

Life has many times filled with joy. Times we want to remember. Times where we are very thankful for all we experience. But, life also has times where we do not understand what is happening. Times we may not want to remember. Times where we may not feel very thankful for the things we experience. 

Throughout their lives, our grandchildren will experience times of joy and times of challenge as well, so it is very important for us to prepare them; especially for the times they do not understand. Difficult, challenging times in life have the potential to leave the ones we love sidetracked, derailed and in a place where they turn away from following Jesus. 

But, if we help prepare our grandchildren and equip them to see these times of their lives as something where they are able to trust God's love and goodness for them, they will be able to go through them and come out the other side stronger in their walk with God. Today's "Mystery Bag" is designed to help you do this - in a fun and tasty way!

You will need . . . 
  • Paper lunch bags - one per grandchild.
  • Cookie recipe written on a card or paper - one per child.
  • Cookie ingredients.
Yes, this "Mystery Bag" will involve baking cookies . . . I did say it would be fun and tasty! Use your favorite cookie recipe - write it on a card and put it in the bags. You do not need to put the cookie supplies in the bags - just have them ready and waiting for you to use. For grandchildren who live far from you, arrange with their parents to have the supplies and send your grandchildren "Mystery Bags" with the recipe for the cookies they will make inside the bags. Connect over the phone and have the following conversation as they make their cookies.

Go over the recipe with your grandchildren, talk about how it is easy to understand why ingredients like butter, sugar, sprinkles, maybe peanut butter, etc. - are in your cookie recipe . . . and be happy they are there, as you know they will help your cookies be very tasty!

Ask your grandchildren what would happen if you put a cup of salt in your cookies instead of the teaspoon (or whatever your recipe calls for). Talk about what would happen if you put a tablespoon of baking soda/powder in your cookies instead of a teaspoon in your cookies or baked them in the hot oven for an hour instead of eight minutes. But, there is a reason for both the sweet parts of the recipe, the salt and baking soda/powder and for a specific amount of time for the cookies to bake in your oven, as without them your cookies will not turn out. If you follow the recipe and trust there is a reason for each part, in the end you will be able to see how they all worked together to give you a tasty cookie.

Talk about how your lives have times which are "sweet"; times you enjoy and understand - like the butter and sugar in your recipe. Then talk about how your lives also have times which are not "sweet"; times you do not necessarily understand at the time, but like with your cookie recipe, if you choose to trust God He knows what is happening and has a purpose for the difficult times, in the end you will be able to look back and see how it all worked for the good.

Share how God knows what He is doing - He has a "recipe" in mind for your lives and you just need to trust Him and follow His "recipe". When you do, you will be able to see how it all worked together for your good. Challenge your grandchildren when they eat cookies to always remember God has a "recipe" for their lives; He has a purpose for each "ingredient" and knows the exact correct amount of time for them to "bake". Encourage them to remember and trust God - especially when they do not understand what is happening in their lives.

Enjoy your cookies and consider having your grandchildren take a plate with some cookies on it to share with a neighbor.

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