Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thankful Thursdays - God is Big Enough - Isaiah 6

While we certainly have many times in our lives where we experience joy, we live in a fallen and broken world and there is no shortage of sadness, confusion and even grief which is experienced by us and the people we love. It is not difficult for us and the ones we love to wonder where God is and if He is able to handle the difficult things in our lives. So, today if you are experiencing a difficult time, I want to share these verses from Isaiah with you.

God is Always at Work

As grandmas we pray for our grandchildren. We pray regularly and we do share our faith, but the work is done by God and He does not take a break or give up. He is the One who made our grandchildren - and our children - and He loves them even more than do we. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Choose Faith & See With Your Heart

Make the choice to trust; to have faith, even when it looks like nothing is happening around us. Even when it looks like our prayers are not being answered. We do not know what God is doing to answer our prayers; He has promised to hear, listen to and answer our prayers and we KNOW God ALWAYS keeps His promises!

Hand Down the Faith with Mystery Bags - Stained Glue Valentines Day Hearts

From time to time I browse on Pinterest to look at ideas for projects I might try with my grandsons. A few years ago I found a wonderful craft which is perfect for Valentines Day - Stained Glue Valentines Day Hearts - and since it is just a month away, today I'm happy to share it with you as our "Mystery Bag" project for this week.

This craft would be great fun to make with your grandchildren over several days. Stained Glue Valentines Day Hearts make wonderful gifts for them to give to their parents, teachers or to anyone on their Valentines Day list and a fun way for them to share God's love with others as well.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Use Grace

Why wouldn't we want to treat our family; our children and grandchildren with grace? We need to be people who use words which build up our family and whose actions will always be remembered by our children and grandchildren when they are grown as actions which reminded them how much they are dearly loved.

The Sunshine After Rain & Joy After Trial

We all have difficult times in our lives. We all deal with disappointment, sadness, pain, grief and just the confusion which comes with these things. But, we do not have to let these difficult times push us away from God. No! We are able to let them pull us closer to Him instead, and when we pull closer to Him, we will find His peace, comfort, love and joy!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Pray - God Hears!

Take your concerns and joys to God in prayer; and model this for your grandchildren. God does want us - and them - to do this and He promises to hear, listen to and answer our prayers! If it matters to you, it matters to God.

Teach this to your grandchildren - and consider starting a "Prayer Journal" where you all are able to record your requests and how God answers, so you are able to see and remember God's faithfulness in your lives. 

Consider making these verses from Psalm 145 your prayer this week . . . 

A Life of Integrity & Faithfulness

This year my husband will reach the age of 60. This seems impossible - how could he possibly be that old?! I am just a couple years behind him and it seems impossible to me for us to be reaching our 60's! I don't feel that old, but the truth is, there are definitely more years behind us than there are before us. But, while I do not know however many more years are before us, I do know when the day comes and we enter Heaven, we both want to hear God say, "Well done, good and faithful servant!"

Be Thankful for Your Grand-Blessings & Challenge them to Make a Difference

Take time today to let your grandchildren know how they are loved and valued by you. No matter their age or location, tell them something about them which you find to be so special and wonderful.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Believe the Truth - God Cares!

When we have concerns, when we face challenges, difficulties, sad times and even pain, it is easy for us to think God does not care; but this is not the truth. God does care. He cares about everything and everyone we care about. In all times, but especially the difficult times, we need to hold to the truth - God cares and He loves us.

Nothing is a Surprise to God

We do not know what the future holds for us; we are not able to see around the "bends" in the "road" before us - and there are bends. But, we do know God is faithful! We do know He loves us! We do know God always does what He says He will do and He knows what the future holds for us - He sees what is in the bends before us. We are able to fully trust Him!

Prayer for Right Attitudes

Heavenly Father,

We pray for our grandchildren’s attitudes. We pray they aren’t demanding, disagreeable or disrespectful. We pray they “do everything without grumbling or arguing” (Philippians 2:14).

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Saturday Promises - God Will Lead Us - Isaiah 30:21

With the start of a new year we tend to think about the things we want to accomplish in the year before us. Especially as our grandchildren grow older, they too may look at the year before them wondering what it holds and what they should do with the time they have.

Thankfully, God promises to help us, and our grandchildren, know which way we should go when we seek His direction. Don't you just love this verse in Isaiah . . . 

Model Forgiveness

One of the most important messages for grandmas to teach - and model to our grandchildren is how we experience freedom when we forgive. While there are many important messages for us to teach our grandchildren and important choices we need to model for our grandchildren, teaching them to forgive by being people who are quick to forgive is at the top of the list.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Our Grandchildren are Watching

When all is going well it tends to be easy to trust and hope in God - after all, all is going well. But, when times are difficult and things are not working out the way we hoped, we may find it more difficult to trust and hope in God. 

Be Faithful & Trust God

It is easy for us to think we have to "get" our grandchildren to choose to love and walk with God. But, the truth is, this is not something we are able to do. We have a responsibility to faithfully hand down the faith; to tell how God has been faithful in the past, what He is doing now and why we believe He will be faithful tomorrow, so our grandchildren see, know and remember God's faithfulness. We are responsible to faithfully pray for them, but it is God who opens their eyes. It is God who draws them to Him.

Trust Looks Like Twinkly Blue Eyes, a Big Smile & an Old, Dry, Dead Brown Leaf

What is “trust”? Well, dictionary(dot)com defines it as a; “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.” I want my grandchildren to know they are able to trust me, but more importantly I want them to know they are absolutely able to trust God. Since my grandchildren are young (ten, seven and five years old), one way they learn they are able to trust God is by learning they are able to trust me.
So, what does “trusting me” look like to these three sweet rascal boys whom God has gifted to my life? Well, at times it looks like twinkly blue eyes, a big smile and an old, dry, dead brown leaf! Let me explain.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Have a Song in Your Heart

Help your grandchildren learn their true source of Joy is found in God. Zephaniah 3:17 says . . . 
"The Lord your God is in your midst—a warrior bringing victory. He will create calm with his love; he will rejoice over you with singing.
Just think! God has promised to be with us, create calm with His love and rejoice over us with singing! Knowing these things should put a song in our hearts for sure!

Thankful Thursday - Let Them Come - Luke 18:16

Remember, Jesus wants your grandchildren to come to Him, so the things you do to hand down the faith are the things Jesus wants you to do. Take time today to connect with your grandchildren - in person, on the phone, through email or facetime and share Jesus' love with them!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Jesus Loves ALL Children

This old song is so true - Jesus loves ALL children! He loves the children we love . . . even more than do we. Be sure your grandchildren know this. Be a grandparent who tells your grandchildren how much Jesus loves them; and be His hands and feet to show love in regular ways - big and small. 

Hand Down the Faith with "Mystery Bags" - God Knew What he Was Doing When He Created Our Grandchildren - 3-D Hand Rocks!

A couple years ago it became a "fad" of sorts to decorate rocks and place them around parks and other public places where people would find them and be able to take them home. Today's "Mystery Bag" builds on this idea with a fun way for your grandchildren to decorate unique rocks to keep and to give to others - with an important "point" to go along with them.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Disturb the Present

We want the future to be better for our grandchildren; what grandparent does not? So, we have to be intentional about shaking up the status quo of the present. We need to be grandmas who are purposeful when it comes to motivating our grandchildren to walk with God now, so they grow in their walk with God and become people who love Him and others. 

Don't Miss the "Wonderful"

Life can be wonderful! Watch for moments of joy each day in your life and help your grandchildren learn to do the same! If we set the example of being joyful people who are thankful for our blessings and who laugh, our grandchildren will be able to see what it looks like to live with joy and will know how to live the same way.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Two More Days to Get a Free Kindle Copy of Deeper in 4 Grandparents & Parents, Too!

If you have not already accepted your free Kindle copy of Deeper in 4 Grandparents & Parents, Too! Praying the Scriptures for the Children You Love - Mini Edition you are still able to do so today and tomorrow as it is available through January 8, 2019. With this book you will find 12 weeks of Scripture prayers which guide you in praying specifically for God's Word to be shown in your own life and the lives of the children you love! 

Remember, Continue to Remember & Tell

Handing down the faith is all about remembering how God was faithful yesterday, seeing how He is faithful today and sharing how we are confident He will be faithful tomorrow!

What Will They Remember?

The other day I shared an, "Inconvenient Truth" - one we may not like to hear, but one which is true for all of us . . . we are not getting any younger. As I think about this, I wonder; "What will my grandsons remember about me?" and "What do I want them to remember?"

Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Most Important Thing I Am Able to Do as a Grandma . . .

As a grandma there are many things I do for and with my grandsons. Of course I bake cookies . . . I do believe a grandma’s cookie jar should never be empty when the boys are in the house! We play games – from hide-and-seek when they were little (it always made me laugh when I’d count and then say; “Ready or not, here I come! Oh where, oh where could my sweet boys be?” and then they would say; “Under the table.”, or “In the closet!” or wherever they were, “hiding”!) to now playing chess with them – they like to play chess with me, because they nearly always win!

We make crafts, we do science projects, we cook, we read books, we write our own stories and we do fun things like candy cane hunts. We also read God’s Word together, journal in our prayer/thankful journals and we pray together.

Of all the things we do together, praying for and with my grandsons are some of the most important things I do. And, while as time goes by, the things we do together will change . . . we do not play hide-and-seek as much now as we once did . . . praying is one thing which we will not “grow out of”. Praying for and with my grandsons is one of the single most powerful and important things I will do throughout their lives.

So, with this in mind, today I want to share with you my prayer for my grandsons throughout this coming week. Each week I pray through a different passage in Psalms for my grandsons (and my family as well). This week I’ll be praying from Psalm 95 – which I personalized into the following prayer . . .

Prayer for the New Year

Father God, 

We thank You for new beginnings. We thank You we don’t need a list of New Year’s resolutions or a silver ball to drop from Time Square for us to enjoy a fresh start, for You are a redeeming God. Your, “mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning” (Lamentations 3:22-23). 

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Grandmas DO Make a Difference - By Being an Intentional Christian Grandma

At the first-ever Legacy Coalition, Legacy Grandparenting Summit in November of 2016, Larry Fowler challenged us with his Intentional Christian Grandparent Declaration in his general session. This declaration is powerful and certainly reflects the heart and motivation of all of us grandmas - and grandpas - who are committed to handing down the faith.

I wrote out the text of the declaration for you - yes it is on the long side, but every bit of it matters, because Intentional Christian Grandparenting Matters. Please share this with the grandparents you know and the leaders in your church.

If you are not familiar with the Legacy Coalition (Lynda, Sherry and Cathy are all three of the people who were there from the start of the Legacy Coalition and are Charter Founders), you will find their website at this link. On it you will find information about them and the Legacy Grandparenting Summit which will be taking place in February (you still have time to go) along with a wealth of additional information to help you be an intentional Christian grandparent. They also have available the Intentional Christian Grandparent Declaration in beautiful calligraphy - you will find it at this link.

Saturday Promises - God is Always With Us - Isaiah 43:2

2019 likely holds blessings and great joy for you and the ones you love; but it also is likely there will be times which challenge, even confuse and have the potential to leave you and the ones you love feeling overwhelmed. In those difficult times, model what it looks like to hold tightly to the promise God gives us in Isaiah 43 where He says He will stay with us no matter what life brings our way.

Friday, January 4, 2019

An Inconvenient Truth

Today I am going to share a truth with  you which you may not want to think about. Ready??? Here it is . . . you are not getting any younger. No matter how much you try to make your reflection in the mirror look younger, the truth is, you are not getting any younger. Neither am I.

And, neither are our grandchildren.

Why do I mention this, you ask? For one reason; because it is the truth. If we do not understand and accept the truth, we are not able to act upon it. And this is an important truth which we must act upon.

Grandmas Do Make a Difference . . . By Helping Their Grandchildren Know God

I've been writing about how grandmas (and grandpas, too) absolutely are able to make a real, significant and important difference in the lives of their grandchildren - they are able to point them to Jesus and they are able to regularly and faithfully pray for their grandchildren. Doing these things makes a real and significant difference in the lives of their grandchildren.

Today I am writing about two additional things we must do . . . help our grandchildren have open eyes, so they are able to identify how God works in their lives and develop a thankful heart, so they will remember all He has done for them.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Get Your Free Kindle Copy of Deeper In 4 Grandparents & Parents, Too - Mini Edition

January 4-8, 2019 you are invited to get your free Kindle copy of Deeper in 4 Grandparents & Parents, Too! Praying the Scriptures for the Children You Love - Mini EditionWith this book you will find 12 weeks of Scripture prayers which guide you in praying specifically for God's Word to be shown in your own life and the lives of the children you love! 

Thankful Thursdays - Be Thankful in All Things - Philippians 4:6

As we model what it looks like to be thankful, be sure to model thankfulness in the way we pray. It is easy for grandchildren to think they should pray when they are sorry about something or when they need to ask for something, but this verse shows us we need to be thankful in all things - particularly when we pray.

Grandmas Do Make a Difference . . . By Praying for Their Grandchildren

Yesterday I wrote about one way grandmas (and grandpas, too) absolutely are able to make a real, significant and important difference in the lives of their grandchildren – they are able to point them to Jesus. I shared a simple way we are able to do this . . . by reading books to and with our grandchildren and shared with you several of my favorite books I like to read with my grandsons.

Today I want to point out another important and essential thing we are able to do as grandmas to make a real, significant and important difference in the lives of our grandchildren . . . we are able to - and must - pray for and with them.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Hand Down the Faith with "Mystery Bags" - God Knew What He Was Doing When He Created Our Grandchildren

I live in West Michigan - which typically means, this time of year my yard is covered in at least several inches of snow . . . it is, after all, January 2nd! But this year we have had warm weather . . . well, warm for Michigan - and there is only a slight dusting of snow. 

Last year my husband and I held a "Snow-a-Palooza" for our grandsons. They made snow angels, had snowball throwing contests and built snowmen . . . or in the case of our middle grandson, a snow octopus!

I had planned to hold another "Snow-a-Palooza" this year, thinking we would have snow again to do so, since we do live in West Michigan, but so far, no snow, so I am beginning to think of ways to hold a "No-Snow-a-Palooza" instead!

Today's "Mystery Bag" involves snow . . . or the "no-snow" ideas I'll include below if you, like me, do not have snow where you live.

You will need . . . 

Grandmas Do Make a Difference - Point Our Grandchildren to Jesus

As we start the new year, I thought I'd take a minute to remind us, the things we say and do with our grandchildren do make a difference. This is absolutely true. Grandmas (and grandpas, too) absolutely are able to make a difference, so for the next few days, I’m going to share with you some of the ways we are able to make a real, lasting and important difference in the lives of our grandchildren; starting with . . . we make a difference in pointing our grandchildren to Jesus!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Make a Significant Difference in 2019 - Hand Down the Faith

God has called us as grandmas (and grandpas, too) to a significantly important job. He wants us to hand down the faith.

This job at times will be challenging, tiring and even has the potential to break our hearts, but it also is the thing in our lives which will bring us the most joy!

A Prayer for 2019

Today, this week and this year, pray and ask God to protect your own heart and mind. Psalms 86 is a wonderful passage to pray for these things. 

You could also take this passage and pray it for your grandchildren's hearts and minds, so they will love and follow God with all their heart.

Happy New Year from Grandmas with Heart

Happy New Year from Grandmas with Heart - Cathy, Linda, Sherry, Deb, Nohemi, Debbie, Joani and Lynda. As you enter 2019, keep your eyes on God and your heart always ready to pray for those you love. Remember -

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