Monday, January 21, 2019

Commit to, "Do the Will of God Come What May"

As we have said many times, the most important things we are ever able to do is to hand down the faith to the children, grandchildren and possibly even great-grandchildren with whom God blesses our lives.  We most certainly want to see the ones we love make the choice to believe in Jesus - what else could possibly matter more?

After they make this choice, we want to see them choose to love, know and follow Jesus. Part of how we hand down the faith is by modeling what it looks like to do this; to live as a person who is serious about doing, "the will of God". The most important things in life for us are not for us to make money, live comfortably, be happy, have what we want and avoid pain. Not at all. The thing which matters is for us to do what God wants, no matter what. This means we keep our word and do what we say we will do - even if we want to do something else. This means we love all others - no matter where they are from and whether they are nice to us, or not. This means we choose to love God with our all - even if it means we make choices people around us do not.

Be a grandma (or grandpa/parent) who makes the choice to hand down the faith by living as a person who does the will of God, come what may. It matters, because what we do often speaks louder than what we say.

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