Friday, January 25, 2019

God Does Not Waste Anything

Six months ago the Carr fire began in Northern California. My husband is from this area and most of his family still live there. For several weeks we watched the news, communicated on-line with his family and prayed as the fire burned, people we love were evacuated - several times - and waited to see if their homes would be there for them when the fire was contained. By the time it was over 229,651 acres of some of the most beautiful land on the face of the earth was burned - this photo is from Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and shows burned trees which fell due to the fire, but it also shows bit of green grown returning.

I have rejoiced to see as photos of the land recovering have been posted in the ensuing months and even better, as I've been able to read accounts of people who went through the fire and how they have grown in their faith.

Whether you go through a terrible fire, the loss of someone you love, a health crisis or any other difficult experience in life, take heart. God does not waste anything which comes our way. If we choose to hold tightly to Him, we will find we are able to grow closer to Him. 

This is true for the ones we love as well. It is often more difficult for us to watch as they go through difficult times in their lives, but we know God brings blessings from those times and when we share how He has done this for us, it will encourage them to trust Him to do the same for them. This is handing down the faith - and it matters.

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