Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Hand Down the Faith with "Mystery Bags" - God Knew What He Was Doing When He Created Our Grandchildren

I live in West Michigan - which typically means, this time of year my yard is covered in at least several inches of snow . . . it is, after all, January 2nd! But this year we have had warm weather . . . well, warm for Michigan - and there is only a slight dusting of snow. 

Last year my husband and I held a "Snow-a-Palooza" for our grandsons. They made snow angels, had snowball throwing contests and built snowmen . . . or in the case of our middle grandson, a snow octopus!

I had planned to hold another "Snow-a-Palooza" this year, thinking we would have snow again to do so, since we do live in West Michigan, but so far, no snow, so I am beginning to think of ways to hold a "No-Snow-a-Palooza" instead!

Today's "Mystery Bag" involves snow . . . or the "no-snow" ideas I'll include below if you, like me, do not have snow where you live.

You will need . . . 
  1. Paper lunch bags - one per grandchild
  2. Paper snowflake - if you have snow outside, put a paper snowflake in each of your grandchildren's bags. If you do not have snow outside, skip this and go to the next item.
  3. Playdoh - one can per grandchild - if you do not have snow available for you to use.
  4. An invitation to your, "Snow-a-Palooza" or "No-Snow-a-Palooza" - as the case may be.
Give your grandchildren their "Mystery Bags" and let them take out the items inside their bags. If you have snow, let them get their boots, coats and mittens on and head outside. If you do not, the diningroom table will work as a great location for your "No-Snow-a-Palooza".

Lead your grandchildren in making snow angels - or fingerprints, toe prints, elbow prints, etc in their playdoh. Challenge them to see how many snowballs they could make in a minute and then how well they do throwing them at a target - a tree, fence, etc. Or, with the playdoh have them see how many playdoh balls of a certain size they are able to make in a minute and then see if they are able to roll them at a target on your table.

This last challenge is the most important one - if you have snow, let your grandchildren build their own snowman, snowbear, snow-octopus . . . whatever they like - be sure to take photos! If they have playdoh, have them build their own playdoh-men, playdoh-bears - whatever they like and again, take photos!

When you complete your, "Snow-a-Palooza" or "No-Snow-a-Palooza" - as the case may be, go inside for some cocoa - or just bring out the cocoa to celebrate. Ask them why they built the snow or Playdoh-man - or other creature - they built. Compliment something about their snow or Playdoh creation. Read Psalms 139:1-18 and talk about how God knew what He was doing when He created them.

Tell your grandchildren some of the things you are able to see which are special, cool, wonderful about how God created them. Share how you are so thankful God made them to be the boy or girl they are and how you know God knew what He was doing when He created them.

In this world where our grandchildren hear messages about how they may not be, "okay" and how they may really be someone else, emphasize how God knew what He was doing when He created them and He did an amazing job of creating them. This is an extremely important message for your grandchildren to hear from you.

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