Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Jesus Loves ALL Children

This old song is so true - Jesus loves ALL children! He loves the children we love . . . even more than do we. Be sure your grandchildren know this. Be a grandparent who tells your grandchildren how much Jesus loves them; and be His hands and feet to show love in regular ways - big and small. 

One way you might do this is by mailing them - yes with snail mail - notes and small surprises from time to time. Mark your calendar today for February 15th - the day after Valentine's Day when the heart candy and Valentine's Day cards go on clearance! Plan to stock up and use them all year!

And, He loves ALL children - from all countries. Be sure your grandchildren know this as well. In Matthew 22, Jesus made it clear, God wants us to love ALL others; be a grandparent who models on purpose what it looks like to love ALL others; with your words and deeds.

A few ideas for how you might do this include getting to know - and make friends with - people who do not look like you. Learn about other cultures; teach your grandchildren what you learn. When something happens on the news related to race, be sure to talk with your grandchildren about how Jesus loves ALL of us and we love ALL people like He does.

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