Monday, January 21, 2019

Pass the Legacy Ministry - A Grandparenting Resource for Handing Down the Faith

Cathy Jacobs is one of our Grandmas with Heart. She is also one of the Charter Founders of the Legacy Coalition, a speaker for the Christian Grandparenting Network and the founder of Pass the Legacy Ministry whose mission is to, "Awaken a 'retired' generation to reach a wandering generation, so together we raise the youngest generations to know, love and serve the Lord." Today it is Grandmas with Heart's joy to let you know about Pass the Legacy Ministry.

There are over 80 million grandparents in the United States today. This is one fourth of our population. Yes, the American grandparent is a rapidly growing demographic. Having worked hard throughout their lives, these people eagerly anticipate their "golden years". Yet once these seniors reach retirement, many of these grandparents struggle with who they are and what is the purpose for this later season of life.

Pass the Legacy Ministry was formed several years ago to proclaim to these grandparents how God has an important plan for their lives: to pass a legacy of faith in Jesus Christ to the next generations. Under the leadership of Catherine Jacobs, founder and Executive Director, Pass the Legacy Ministry has followed a three-fold mission: to inform, encourage and equip these seniors in their God-given role. The ministry offers various workshops, seminars and conferences to churches and communities. Recently the book, PASS THE LEGACY: 7 Keys for Grandparents Making a Difference, was published. This book unpacks seven basic keys for grandparents to follow in pointing their loved ones towards Jesus Christ. It also offers numerous practical methods for influencing grandchildren and grown children for the Lord.

Will you join Pass the Legacy Ministry in proclaiming to this senior generation the truth of how God has a destiny for them? Friend on facebook, check the website, grab the book or invite her to speak at your church. Many grandparents desire to be courageous leaders of their families. They simply do not know how. By inviting the grandparents in your church or community to learn about Godly grandparenting, you will be empowering them to pass a legacy of faith to their loved ones. What an awesome calling for a generation which struggles to find purpose in their season of life.

Please contact Catherine Jacobs at She would love to hear from you! Or go visit the website, 

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