Saturday, January 26, 2019

Saturday Promises - Trust God & Know His Perfect Peace - Isaiah 26:3, 4

As we wrap up this week, and near the end of January, we know much has happened in this month which has divided our country, brought worry and concern to many and has left us with broken hearts with the decision made by the State of New York regarding abortion. It would be easy to feel upset, angry, frustrated and even feel despair, but God promises, yes promises, we are able to know His perfect peace when we trust Him with our all.

I love these verses from Isaiah 26 and take great joy in knowing God promises not only peace, but His perfect peace when I trust Him. God's perfect peace will leave me steadfast, no matter what life brings my way. This is true for my children and grandchildren as well and I want them to know this truth, because they see me as a peaceful person who makes the choice, come what may, to trust God.

This does not mean I will not feel sadness, even great sadness, over the decisions made by others, but I do not have to be defeated by those feelings; and neither do my children and grandchildren. Knowing when we trust God we will experience His perfect peace, we will be able to respond, not react, in ways which bring healing and help to those around us. For example, I, and those who come behind me, will be able to make the wise choice to show God's love to those in need of help and options when facing unplanned pregnancy or children who are born and in need of others to love and care for them and will have the tender hearts to do so as God leads and provides for us.

When faced with the things in our world which break our heart, choose to trust God, experience His perfect peace and live as a steadfast person - and hand down the faith, so those who come behind are able to do the same.

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