Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thankful Thursdays - God's Everlasting Love & Unfailing Kindness

No matter what you and/or the ones you love are facing on this day, it is a great encouragement to read and think about verses like Jeremiah 31:3. Knowing God loves us gives us strength, encouragement, and great joy, along with a fuller understanding of what, "love" really is all about. As we enter the month of February, people tend to think a lot about "love", but often the "love" they are talking about is a shallow example of "love".

Real love is the love God has for us; it is, "everlasting" and shows itself with, "unfailing kindness". Just think about this . . . God's love for us never ends; NEVER! And God shows His love to us with a kindness which never fails.

Take time to stop and think about the many ways God shows His love and kindness to you and share them with your grandchildren. Model to them what it looks like to be a person who watches for the ways God shows His love to you then rejoice with them and give thanks when they share how He does this with them.

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