Sunday, February 10, 2019

Equip the Ones You Love to Focus on & Remember God's Word All Week

When it comes to handing down the faith, we pray for our grown children and grandchildren. We remember and tell them how God has been faithful to us in the past and how He is faithful to us today when we trust in Him. We are focused upon connecting our day-in-day-out lives to God and His love for us. We share passages from God's Word and read it together. These are all ways we are able to hand down the faith.

But, we also need to be sure we provide opportunities for our grandchildren (and even our grown children) to connect with, think about and watch for God's great love for them. One way we are able to do this is by choosing a verse/passage each week which we will pray for them and then simplify it into a prayer/blessing which they are able to make into a picture or poster to hang on the wall at your home and their own. Just like the tassels God told His people to put on their robes, putting these pictures/posters on the walls will serve to remind them each time they see it to pray the passage and think about the application.

For example, if you use the prayer from Psalms 28:7, which I shared in the previous post, a picture/poster might be worded as follows . . .

Dear God, please help me see and remember today how You help me, shield me and give me the strength I need when I trust You.
Let your grandchildren add photos or drawings or designs - show their creativity and make one to take home and one to hang in your home. As you all see it throughout the coming week, you will be reminded to trust and watch for God's help.

You could take this one step farther by copying it onto a sticky note, or two or three, and have  your grandchildren put them where they will see them each day - by their beds, by the bathroom mirror, on their computer, inside their locker at school, etc . . . Each time they see this prayer/blessing they will be reminded of how God helps them and to watch for the ways He continues to do so. This is something you are able to do as well! 

(Keep in mind, this works for grandchildren who live far away - and no matter the age - as you are able to email the directions and/or mail the supplies to help them do this as well.)

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