Wednesday, February 13, 2019

God Brings Beauty From Our Storms

Last week we experienced a significant ice storm. While the trees were beautiful covered in ice, many branches came down leaving more than 200,000 people without power. 

However; along with losing power, the ice did something amazing. I live in apple country - there are many, many apple orchards throughout this area and not far from where I live. One local farmer, Andrew Sietsema discovered ice apples in his orchard.

He said as he pruned their trees, branches shook and the apples on the tree turned to mush and fell out the bottom of the ice which covered the apples. While many of the ice apples broke, some remained and he was able to take these amazing photos.

These beautiful ice apples made me think; there are times in our lives when we experience the "storms". We may feel, "shaken" and even, "broken", but God does not leave us. Not ever!

When we trust Him, He is able to do something amazing and make something beautiful from those storms. This is true for our grandchildren as well. Be sure to share with them how God stayed with you when you experienced the storms of life; and how God made something amazing from all we experienced.

God is not a "fair-weather friend". He sticks with us through thick and thin - through our questions and doubts. His love is faithful and real.

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