Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Hand Down the Faith with Mystery Boxes - Origami Boxes & Hearts & a Service Project

My church has a large Special Needs Ministry and so, my grandsons are going to do a project tonight to show love as people arrive for their Wednesday evening service. We have been making origami boxes and hearts - each box will have one heart in it - the boys will give one to each person as they arrive; along with a smile and the encouragement - "God loves you!"

Image result for origami boxWhether your church has a Special Needs Ministry or not, this is a project you are able to do with your grandchildren to brighten the day of others; any time of year. You will find the directions for making the origami box at this link and the origami heart at this link.

Image of origami heartIf the origami projects are too difficult for your grandchildren, have them color the paper you use to make the boxes and hearts, then go with you to hand them out and brighten the day of others. You will need . . . 
  • Paper lunch bags - one per child
  • Crayons (we used glitter crayons!)
  • Paper squares (we used a 6x6 square for the boxes and small sticky notes for the heart)
Lead your grandchildren in coloring and if they are able, the folding of the boxes and hearts then place one heart in each box. Talk about what love is, how God shows love to us and how we are able to show love to others. Decide who you will give your boxes and hearts to, then plan a time to do so.

Involving the children we love in showing love to others is one of the most powerful things we will do as grandmas (grandpas/parents) - and one of the things which will make a lasting impact on them as well.

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