Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Pray Until the Answer Comes

Do you have something for which, or more importantly, someone for whom you are praying; and have been for quite some time? Do you wonder if an answer will ever come? If so, today I would like to encourage you with some of the "Prayer History" of George Müller.

Who was George Müller, you ask? Well, he was an evangelist who lived in England from 1805 to 1898. He is known for being a man who talked with God. During his adult life, he cared for 10,024 orphans, started 117 schools which offered a Christian education to more than 120,000 children - mostly the poor and orphans, distributed 285,000 Bibles, 1,459,000 New Testaments which were translated into more than 20 languages and sent missionaries around the world - including Hudson Taylor. George Müller did all of this, and much more, without ever asking anyone for money - he talked with God about his needs, and God always answered. Over his lifetime he raised millions of dollars - without asking anyone for as much as a penny!

Talk about prayers of faith!

Okay, so the "take-away" for you and I today - God loves us and the ones we love as much as He loved George Müller. God has promised to listen to and answer our prayers the same as He promised to listen to and answer the prayers of George Müller. You and I are able to be people who; "never give up praying until the answer comes", just as George Müller was.

So, what stops us from praying like George Müller? I think maybe it is we do not have the faith which in the deepest parts of our hearts believes God means what He says. We worry too much about all the things which could happen. We focus too much on all the things in the world around us which could draw away the ones we love. We put too much weight on the past and current history, to trust God will answer our prayers.

As you pray today, pray as did George Müller. Pray believing God's Word. Pray believing God will do what He said He will do. Do not give up praying. Pray until the answer comes. And teach your grandchildren to do the same! Be a grandma (grandpa/parent) who hands down a powerful "Prayer History".

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