Friday, February 8, 2019

Remember; & Help the Ones You Love Remember as Well

I love these verses from Numbers 15. As you read them, you may wonder why I love them. The reason is because they show me how well God knows me; and how He helps me be able to make the best choices.

These verses show where God told His people to wear tassels on the corners of their clothes - and they were to continue to do this, "throughout the generations to come." Why did God tell them to do this? It was not because God wanted to go into the fashion industry. It was because God knew them.

God knew they were a forgetful people and He wanted to give them something tangible to help them remember Him. When the people saw the tassels in their day-in and day-out lives, they could remember God and make the choice to follow and obey Him.

We are forgetful and easily distracted, too. We get busy and do not always remember to remember. I know this is true of me. So, while I do not wear tassels, I do put photos of my grandchildren and family all over the place; in my window seat, on the walls, on the cookie jars, all over the refrigerator, on a tag on my purse and as a charm on my necklace. It is not possible for me to go through my day without seeing the photos, often, and when I do, I'm reminded to be thankful, to make the wise choice to hand down the faith, to follow God myself and to pray for the ones I love. I am reminded.

So, find something which will remind you. Put it where you will see it often throughout your day. Help your children and grandchildren learn to do the same; so they will remember as well.

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