Thursday, February 28, 2019

Set the Example as a "Legacy-Passer"

I love this quote from Cathy Jacobs - one of our Grandmas with Heart. We grandmas are, "legacy passers" (and so are grandpas and parents, too). Whether our grandchildren are young or older, it will not be long before they are the ones who will be handing down the faith - passing the legacy to their own children. It is essential for us to set an example of what this looks like, so they will know what to do and how to do it when they have children they love.

We pass this legacy through the blessings of our lives, by taking time to intentionally point them out and by leading the ones we love in thanking and praising God for His many blessings. We make sure they see and remember the blessings and know they are from God.

We pass this legacy through the challenges of our lives as well. There is a young family at my church who just went through a horrible year with an extremely difficult fight with cancer. There were times we did not know if this young mother of five would survive, but she did! God answered the prayers of many and today she is alive and has one incredible, "Faith & Prayer History" which she is able to share with her children . . . and one day grandchildren as well. Whether you go through a vicious fight with cancer, or some other difficult challenge, trust God and pass the legacy, hand down the faith. Make sure the ones you love are able to see how God kept His word and stayed with you through the challenge; share your "Faith & Prayer History" and make sure the ones you love remember as well.

Pass your legacy of faith and prayer to the generations who come behind you; it will not be very long before they are the ones who will be handing down the faith.

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