Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Tell Your Grandchildren About the Dark Clouds & the Joy of Sunshine

We all have difficult times in our lives. We all deal with disappointment, sadness, pain, grief and just the confusion which comes with these things. But, we do not have to let these difficult times push us away from God. No! We are able to let them pull us closer to Him instead, and when we pull closer to Him, we will find His peace, comfort, love and joy!

And, after the difficult time passes, and they do all pass at some point, we are able to see the "sun" and experience the joy of making it through - with our hand in God's all the way though as He promised to never leave us!

Share with your grandchildren about a difficult time you experienced, how God stayed with you and helped you through it. Tell them about the joy you experienced and encourage them to make the choice to pull closer to God in difficult times throughout their lives. 

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