Friday, February 15, 2019

Trust God for the "Impossible"

You may find handing down the faith to be something which comes easily, you may feel like you know what to do to hand down the faith; or you may find it is confusing, difficult and even at times feels like an "impossible" thing for you to do with your grandchildren.

You may find you and the ones you love are in a "good place". Life is progressing and everyone is moving forward in their walk with God. Or, you may be facing difficult, discouraging or even "impossible" things which leave you feeling overwhelmed. 

Wherever you and the ones you love are today, know this is true; God does NOT expect the "impossible" from you, but you absolutely are able to expect the "impossible" from Him!

What "impossible" things are you facing in your life or in the lives of the ones you love? Take them to God in prayer and get ready to see the "impossible" things He has in store for you all.

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