Saturday, February 23, 2019

Trust God in the Here and Now

When I read a book, I read the first chapter or two and then the last chapter or two. I want to know who the characters are, and how the book ends before I read the book. While I have read the last Book of the Bible, and know the "ending", in our day-to-day life, we do not know what is just around the bend. We do not know what will happen on the "next pages", let alone the next chapter. But, we are able to hold tightly to and trust God, because He knows and He loves us.

We, and the ones we love, will absolutely experience difficult, confusing and even sad "chapters" in our lives, but when we make the choice to have faith, to trust God, we are leaving an example for our grown children and our grandchildren to see and follow. They do watch as we go through those difficult times and what we do speaks so much more loudly than anything we say, so be a grandma (or grandpa) who chooses to have faith and to trust what you do not understand at the moment.

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