Friday, March 15, 2019

Be Prepared for God to Do a Big Thing

Our God is bigger than we think He is and He is able to do ever so much more than we are able to even begin to imagine! Not only is He able to do big things in our lives, but He will do them. And, not in our lives only, but in the lives of our grown children and grandchildren as well.

Think back over your life; how has God showed His love and grace to you? Keep a record of the big, and little ways He works in your life and don't keep them secret. Tell those you love, so they are able to see how God works in their own lives as well.

In Psalms 78, 106 and Judges 2 we read what happens when people do not look for, see, remember and tell how God works in their lives. The next generation forgets God. We do not want the ones we love to be a generation who forgets God. So, look for, see, remember and tell how God does big things in your life. Do not have a small view of God - He is bigger than we think He is! 

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