Friday, March 22, 2019

Blessing Your Grandchildren

If you did not grow up in a home where you received blessings from your grandparents and parents, or did not learn about giving blessings when you were a parent, the idea of doing this now may seem intimidating. While there are several ways to give blessings to the children you love, I love how Ken describes giving blessings where he says a big part of blessing grandchildren is . . . 
  1. Seeing into their future
  2. Believing the very best
  3. Communicating it in memorable ways
Whether you grew up with giving/receiving blessings, or not, these three steps are easy to remember and not so overwhelming or intimidating to do. Let's break each one down a bit . . . first for seeing into their future -
  • Pay attention to the things your grandchildren enjoy doing and the things in which they are interested.
  • Notice when they learn something new and especially if they excel at this thing.
  • Encourage them by saying how happy you are to see them try, learn, excel and how perhaps this is something God created them to do, something they will be able to use to bring glory to God.
  • Give a hug - Ken says hugs are a blessing from a grandparent!
  • I'm taking the Bible people whose names are the same as my grandsons and/or have the same meaning and doing this as well - I'm pointing out to my grandsons when they show the same character, wisdom, strength, faithfulness, love for God, His Word and others, etc. and then telling them how happy I am to see them do these things and how I pray for them to grow up to continue to do the same.
When it comes to believing the very best, this is pretty straight forward -
  • Be your grandchild's cheerleader.
  • Stand in their corner and be sure they know you are firmly there behind and for them.
  • While you do not ignore any issues which need to be talked about, let them know you believe in them and believe them. This is something which will build them up and encourage them to be people their grandma (grandpa) are able to believe.
And communicate it in memorable ways . . . 
  • Of course, words are able to be very memorable. Make special opportunities to speak words which encourage and communicate a blessing to your grandchildren.
  • Take photos, have them framed or put on something special - a pillow, blanket, in a special frame, so whenever they see it, they will remember.
  • Create special "ceremonies" - times when you and they talk about how they are doing and when you celebrate them and the person they are becoming.
These are just a few simple ideas for blessing your grandchildren by seeing into their future, believing the very best and communicating it in memorable ways. However you bless the children you love, know it will make a difference and is a very important way you are able to hand down the faith.

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  1. Thx for sharing these great ideas! It’s a lifelong commitment which bring a lifetime of joy! Great post!


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