Saturday, March 23, 2019

Encourage Your Grandchildren With - You Make My Heart Happy!

Do you have any favorite sayings you speak often to your grandchildren? Something special you say to communicate your love and the truth of how your grandchildren hold great value? Something to encourage them?

I do. Well, I have several, but one of my favorites is; "You make my heart happy!" I like this for a couple main reasons. First, because every time I say it my grandsons get the biggest smiles on their faces and their sweet eyes sparkle! I also like it, because it communicates to them, they have the power to bring happiness into my life; they are able to do this, just because of who they are.

When we use words like these with our grandchildren, we do something powerful. We bless them with our words. We give them something to which they are able to hold to throughout their lives which communicates their value, and in this case, their ability to do something which brings happiness to others.

If you do not have a favorite saying, find one. When you do, use it often. It will outlast you in the ability to impact your grandchildren's lives.

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