Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Grandchildren Change Everything

Do you remember your life before grandchildren? You likely had more time to yourself. You may have spent more time with other people your age. When you thought about going out to eat, it was not likely at a place which served your food wrapped in paper. The things which mattered most to you were likely different than the things which matter most to you now. And, if you are like me, after years of covering your refrigerator with drawings, stories and photos of your own children, you were probably able to actually tell the color of your refrigerator before you had the drawings, stories and photos of your grandchildren covering it!

Life is very different before we had grandchildren. Our lives are now filled once again with the laughter of children. We know what it is like to be standing in a crowd and suddenly hear, (at the tops of their lungs) the voices of the young ones you love who are shouting, "Grandma!" and you know a big hug is on its way . . . as fast as those little legs will carry them! Once we have grandchildren we are reminded what it is like to watch as these dear, sweet, little ones we love with all our heart grow and learn to walk, talk, read, write, discover interests (like in rocks, fossils, computer coding) and become young people.

Life is very different before we had grandchildren. Our prayer life has grown as well - or at least expanded as we add these new gifts from the hand of God to our daily - and sometimes hourly - prayers. We are able to see so much more clearly what truly matters.

And, our relationship with our grown children changes as well as we watch them parent these children we love so much. 

Clarity. Value. Priorities. Who we are. All these things change when we are given grandchildren. But the biggest thing to change is how we are able to understand the great way in which God has blessed us; we become much more thankful people. Whether things are going smoothly or there is rough sailing, our grandchildren - just as our own children - are glorious gifts from the hand of God and we know how very blessed we are. Take time today to thank God for His incredible gift of grandchildren . . . and grown children, too.

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