Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Handing Down the Faith on Purpose - How to Lead Your Grandchildren to Jesus

What does it look like to be intentional about handing down faith to our grandchildren? This is an important question for us to think about and for which we need to find answers; so we are able to be focused and intentional when it comes to handing down our faith. One way we do this, and the most important thing we do to do so, is when we have the great privilege and joy of pointing our grandchildren to Jesus.
If you might be wondering how to go about this all-important conversation with your grandchildren; consider the following, simple steps . . .
  1. Be in prayer from the time you find out you are being blessed with a grandchild until the day they ask you how to put their faith in Jesus. Pray for God to prepare their hearts, pray for God to draw them to Him, pray for God to send His Spirit to call them to Him, pray they will understand God loves them and they are able to belong to Him!
  2. Trust God to answer your prayers; do not think you have to “push” your grandchildren through the gates of Heaven.
  3. When they ask, answer their questions. Do not go into a theological discussion on redemption, justification or any other “ion”. Just share the Gospel message with them.
  4. Ask them what it is they want Jesus to do for them. Let them answer.
  5. Open your Bible to John 3:16 and if they are old enough to read, have them read it. If they are not, you read it to them.
  6. Use a paper and pen and draw two cliffs with a space between. Draw a stick figure of them on one and write, “God” on the other.
  7. Write, “sin” in the space between the cliffs.
  8. Ask what they are able to do to get past/over the sin and to God. Being good, going to church, sharing, etc. are all good things to do, but they will not get a person to God.
  9. Read John 3:16 again and emphasize how God loves them and show how God gave and we have to believe. When we do this, we will be in Heaven with God!
  10. Draw a cross between the two cliffs and write, “Jesus” on the cross.
  11. Ask your grandchild if they believe God loves them, sent Jesus to pay for their sins and if they believe in Him.
  12. Let them pray a simple prayer to express their belief and thank God for His great Gift!
  13. Rejoice! Luke 15:10 tells us the angels rejoice when one person believes . . . while I’m sure angels are able to rejoice very well, I do believe grandmas (and grandpas) rejoice more when their grandchildren believe in Jesus!
This is just a simple way to lead your grandchildren to Jesus – and the start of being intentional about handing down your faith to your grandchildren!

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