Thursday, March 21, 2019

Handing Down a Heritage of Faith is Essential & Can be Fun, too!

I've been writing for the past week and a half about handing down a heritage of faith to our grandchildren. As I said yesterday; "We so easily become distracted by the things in this world. We lose focus of what is truly most important and think things like earning more money, taking bigger and better vacations owning a bigger and newer home, driving new cars, etc. are important when in truth, none of these things matter. Not really. If we end up with all these things, but fail to hand down a heritage of faith to our grandchildren, will we say; 'Oh well. I had a great car, house and big back account.'? No. Nothing, please allow me to repeat, NOTHING is more important than handing down a heritage of faith to our grandchildren. If we are serious about handing down a heritage of faith, we have to stay focused upon what is really important, so we do not become distracted by this world.

I absolutely believe handing down a heritage of faith is of utmost importance, so for this reason, I am sharing with you a curriculum I wrote to use with my grandsons; Science, the Bible & Fun! Each week's resource includes a science project (my grandsons love science projects!), fun options for Minute-to-Win-it-type games, crafts, recipes, time at the park and service projects. But, while all of these things are fun, the core part, or at least the most important part, is where we spend a year praying through the Psalms. I want my grandsons to know and walk with Jesus and learning how to really talk with Him is essential for them to learn if they are going to know and walk with Him. In addition, each month we are able to learn about a different Bible person. We spend an entire month learning about one Bible person - this gives us the opportunity to look, really look at this real person and how they chose to know and walk with God! I do not typically use space on this blog to promote my resources, but this is a tool you are able to use with your grandchildren to hand down the faith - you are able to try a lesson for free at this link.

And, just so you know, I have written curriculum for Big Idea/Veggie Tales, SuperBook, The Manner's Mentor's Curriculum, Deeper In 4 Children and Calvary Church (Grand Rapids, MI). I've also written for Group (I'm one of the contributing authors for Group's Humongous Book of Bible Skits for Children's Ministry), Children's Ministry Magazine, Your Church Magazine, HomeFront Magazine, Legacy Coalition's Equipping Grandparents PLUS, About the Children's Departmentgrandma's cookie jar and Grandmas with Heart.

Handing down a heritage of faith is of primary importance for us to do - but it is able to be . . . and should be, fun and exciting to do as well! 

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