Tuesday, March 26, 2019

It is Where Their Names Are

Behind my house, in my back yard is a maple tree. It is no ordinary maple tree. It is an enormous maple tree. It is behind our two-stall garage and extends far above and far to both sides. It is enormous - well, not compared to a Redwood tree . . . which is truly enormous - but compared to normal Michigan Maple trees, this one is enormous.
Carved on it's branches are the names of my family members. When my youngest brother was about eleven years old, he climbed this tree (which was then our grandparents' back yard) and carved all his family member's names on the branches.

When my son was about eleven years old, he climbed this enormous tree, discovered the names and added the names of his generation of family members to the branches of the tree. I expect in a year or two there will be more names of family members added to the branches as my grandsons become old enough to climb the tree and carve names on the branches.

It is actually a, "family tree"!

As I thought about this I remembered Isaiah 49:16 where God says our names are engraved upon the palms of His hands. He will never forget me - or my children/grandchildren ever, because He loves us with an everlasting and faithful love!

Yes, I have a family tree, and I have a tree with the names of my family engraved on it's branches; but the best places for our names to be, is on God's palms and in His heart. I make sure my grandsons know where God put their names and how everlasting and faithful His love is for them. It is my prayer they will grow to love, know and follow their loving and faithful God back all of their lives!

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