Saturday, March 9, 2019

Join Cathy for Some "Cyber Tea" & the Launch of Pass the Legacy Facebook Page

Cathy Jacobs is one of our Grandmas with Heart. She is about to launch the facebook page for Pass the Legacy Ministry and would love for you to join her for some wonderful ideas on how to be God’s best in this season of life we know as, "being a grandma"! Look at what she has to say . . .

How well I remember my, "crazy mom’s" life as I raised my kids. But no one warned me it is equally delirious being a grandma! Let’s see, this week I’ve crisscrossed Charleston not once or twice, but four times! Three of those runs were grandchild related. The fourth was to lead a grandmom’s class. 

Yes, I often catch MY breath as I watch my daughter race from one Mom’s event to the next. But I’m eyeballing her as I scurry from one place to the next repeating to myself, “I can do EVERYTHING through Christ who strengthens me!!!” The problem is I’m not as young as Carrie.... 

Now I’m not complaining AT ALL! I love it! Even though I get exasperated trying to balance this “retired” life, I wouldn’t trade any of it. Oh, I wish my life were nice and neat and orderly. How I LONG for a simpler, organized life-style. But you know what? I realized that is probably NOT going to happen — not in this life, anyway. So, I grab my keys and GO (!)  When I can, I’m plunking away on my computer or shuffling a pen and paper (old fashioned, I know!) 

Coming in April is my official LAUNCH of Pass the Legacy Facebook page! Want to sip a cup of tea with me through cyber space? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll send you my Launching Gift Package along with all the fun details. It’ll be great sharing this event together. We’ll hear from other grandmas on how they manage being a 21st century matriarch. Want some ideas on how to be God’s best in this season of life? Or look for words of encouragement. We’ll DO this! 

“See” you in April! Meanwhile, stay tuned for more info ....


  1. Count me in. It’s what we do, right? At least it’s what I do here in Kansas!

  2. Very much looking forward to this!


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