Thursday, April 4, 2019

Do Your Duty

Whether we are a brand, new, first-time, young grandma or grandpa, have been a grandparent for decades or are somewhere in-between, it is our duty, our absolute responsibility to do all we are able to do to introduce our grandchildren to Jesus. There is nothing we will ever do which will matter more.

Do not let yourself be deceived into thinking your retirement years are for you - they are a time for you to travel, play golf, or just do whatever you want to do. No! They are the perfect time for you to kick into high gear and focus upon what matters the most - handing down the faith. 

Believe the truth; what you say and do does matter. If you faithfully hand down the faith with grace, it will "stick"; even if those you love might wander for a time. God has promised His Word will NOT return void to Him. He has promised to give new, soft hearts which will return to Him (Jeremiah 24) - commit to hold God to His promises and be faithful to hand down the faith. "Do all you are able to do to introduce every generation to Christ."

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