Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Encourage Your Grandchildren With - I Love You Forever and For Always

This is something I say often to my grandsons - and have throughout their lives. It actually is a line from a song I sing to them - "You Are My Sunshine". I "tweaked" the words a bit, to make it, "our song" and it is what I sang to them when they were babies. Even now there are times when the boys will ask me to sing them their "Sunshine song" . . .

"You are my sunshine, my sweet sunshine. You make me happy all the day. I love you forever and for always. You are my sunshine today."

These words bring a smile to the faces of my grandsons whether I sing them, or speak them, because they know the words ring true. If you are looking for words which will encourage your grandchildren, try these. You are welcome to put them to music and sing them, or just speak them, but when they hear you say how you will love them, "forever and for always", it will make a difference.

Brighten your grandchildren's day today; speak words to encourage them which communicate how much you love them - and how long your love will last. In this world where so many things do not last, knowing the love of their grandma (or grandpa/parent) absolutely lasts is not just encouraging, it is comforting as well.

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