Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Get the Most Out of Your Influence on the Next Generations

There are Christian grandparents I know who love their grandchildren, but who think it is "enough" to see their grandchildren once a month and to let them come over for sleepovers once or twice a year. They tell me they don't want their grown children to, "take advantage" of them, so they limit how often they are willing to take care of and spend time with their grandchildren. They instead spend their time doing things they enjoy, pursuing hobbies and going places with friends.

They do love their grown children and grandchildren, and they are truly wonderful people, but by limiting their interactions, they are limiting their ability to influence the generations who follow them and hand down their faith to them. They are running the risk of not only limiting their influence, but of actually eliminating their influence and they are missing out on the joy of handing faith to the next generations.

God's clear plan is for grandparents to be engaged, actively, in the lives of their grown children and grandchildren. God wants us to be focused upon handing down the faith, because He knows we have influence. Do not waste your influence. Spend your time, energy and resources to hand down the faith - get the most out of your influence to benefit the next generations.

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