Friday, April 26, 2019

Give Your Grandchildren the Gift of God's View of Them

While the world often sends a message to our grandchildren which tells them their value is found in the things they do or they need to change who they are to have value, the truth is God knew what He was doing when He created them. They are created in His image and absolutely have infinite value, dignity and worth.

At the first Legacy Grandparenting Summit, Josh McDowell told us when his children were growing up, he told them they were created in the image of God and had infinite value, dignity and worth; he said it is the message he now tells his grandchildren as well. It is the truth. We need to be grandparents who speak this truth to our grandchildren and give them a view of themselves which matches with God's view of them.

Make this a message you share with your grandchildren, on a regular basis. Give them the gift of God's view of them. It matters.

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