Monday, April 15, 2019

God's Word Will Accomplish God's Purposes

Yes! God's Word will accomplish what He planned for it to accomplish; and we know He gave us His Word, so we will know Him. Be encouraged; if your children/ grandchildren are not walking with God, this promise from God is for them, too! Spend time today reading God's Word and share with them this week how it is powerful in your life.

And, make it part of your prayers for them to see and experience how God's Word is real and powerful in their lives, too!

"Dear God, Thank You for Your Word. Thank You for how it helps me know Who You are and how I am able to walk with You. As my grandchildren/children go through this day, please bring to their minds the truth of Your Word and use it to draw them close to You. Please help them see and experience how it is true and helps them know and walk with You. Thank You for Your great love for us; I love You, too! Amen

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  1. We have done this and sadly, our too busy adult children are content with crumbs. Isn’t this the time to stand back and pray?


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