Friday, April 12, 2019

Hand Down the Faith to Generations with Your Bibles

My sister and I are both so blessed to have one of our grandma's Bibles. In them she underlined verses which mattered to her and left little notes and even clippings from papers with things which encouraged her in her life. These Bibles are amazing gifts; treasures with which our grandma is still able to hand down faith long after she entered Heaven.

Today I'd like to encourage you to consider a simple way you are able to continue to hand down the faith - after your life on Earth is over; just get Bibles and underline your favorite verses in them. Jot a few notes in the margins. Make these Bibles tangible things from which you are able to "speak" when you are gone. Then, leave them for your grandchildren/children and tuck in a personal note as well. Whether you have much or little to leave when you are gone, these Bibles will be something the ones who receive them will truly treasure. 

Even if you already have a Bible you have used for years - and you likely do - consider getting new Bibles to underline your favorite verses and leave notes in them for your children and/or grandchildren as a truly valuable inheritance. You will be giving a gift to bless the ones you love throughout the generations.

(I, Lynda, wrote about this yesterday on my other blog and shared about a lovely Bible sent to me by Zondervan for me to review - and they are making another available for me to give away. If you would like information on the giveaway, you will find it at this link.) 

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