Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Hand Down the Faith with Mystery Bags - God is Our Amazing Creator

If your grandchildren go to public school, as do mine, they will grow up hearing how evolution is fact. Even if they do not go to public school, watching pretty much any nature show will result in them hearing how evolution is fact. However; these things do not bother or frighten me. When my children were of school age, we homeschooled a number of years and I taught them God created everything, but there are many who believe in evolution. I was not afraid to tell my children what some people believe and why I believe God created everything. 

In fact, I believe evolution gives us a beautiful opportunity to share the truth with our grandchildren. My husband and I have been watching a nature show with some of the most amazing footage of God's amazing creation - no, it does not present it as God's amazing creation, but watching the show leaves me more in awe of this world God created. For example, the other day they showed the Large Blue Butterfly which has to lay its eggs on a specific plant. When the eggs hatch, the caterpillars lower themselves to the ground on a strand of silk and mimic the sound and smell of ant larva. Ants come along and take their "wandering larva" back to their tunnels where they feed and care for the caterpillars for two years, believing they are actually their own larva. Eventually the caterpillars make a cocoon and turn into butterflies, leave the tunnels and fly away to lay their eggs on the oregano plant, so it all starts over again. 

This account of the Large Blue Butterfly left me amazed by God's incredible creation. Without the oregano plant, the butterfly will become extinct as it is only able to lay its eggs on this plant. Unless the caterpillars were able to mimic the smell and sound of the ant larva, the ants would eat them. How did this butterfly and its caterpillar know to do this? They just decided to do it on their own? This does not make sense. It only makes sense to see how God created them this way - and leaves me in awe of our Creator!

So, today's Mystery Bag project will give you an opportunity to share with the children you love about our amazing Creator. You will find information about the butterfly at this link - check it out and be ready to share it with your grandchildren as you work through this project. You will need . . . 
  • Paper lunch bags - one per child
  • Square paper - any size
  • Crayons
Have your grandchildren empty their bags and lead them through decorating their paper, then folding an origami butterfly - check this link for simple instructions for making your butterflies.

Tell your grandchildren about the Large Blue Butterfly and talk about God's amazing creation. You could go on-line to learn about more butterflies and even go on a walk to see how many butterflies you are able to find and identify, but whether you do this or not, use this opportunity to share with your grandchildren why you believe God is our Creator.

Certainly as grandparents, we pray for our grandchildren to put their faith in Jesus, but along with doing this, we need to pray once they do, they will grow in their faith and walk with Jesus. They will be challenged at some point in their lives in regards to their beliefs about creation. The world will tell them it is impossible and unbelievable to think God created it all. Pray with eyes of faith they will see the invisible, believe the unbelievable and receive the impossible; so they are able to walk closely with Jesus throughout their lives and will hand down the faith to their children and grandchildren. 

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