Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Hand Down the Faith with Mystery Bags - Paper Airplane, Rocket & Cross

In just a couple weeks we will celebrate the most amazing day in history; the resurrection of Jesus. Without the resurrection our faith is in vain (1 Corinthians 15:14). The resurrection of Jesus is our core message, because it made God's grace available to us.

So, share the Good News of Jesus with your grandchildren. If they have not already put their trust in Jesus, take time to tell them how they are able to do this - consider using this simple, and fun tool as a Mystery Bag Project with them. You will need . . .
  • Paper lunch bag for each grandchild
  • Piece of paper - any regular 9x12 paper will work - one per child . . . although they are likely to want to do this project again, so you may need more paper!
Gather your grandchildren and give them their Mystery Bags. Have them open and take out their paper. Instruct them to follow along as you show them how to fold their paper. You will need to take a piece of paper and fold the top right corner diagonally down to the opposite side leaving a long diagonal fold. Take the top left corner and fold it diagonally down to the right side making a shape which looks like a house with a pointed roof. Fold in half the long way, then fold each side down to make a flap - you will have a paper airplane.

Say - "Look at my paper airplane! It is the most amazing paper airplane ever! It will fly me to (list a town near you). It will fly me all the way to (list a state on the other side of the country from where you live). It will fly me all the way to (list another country)!

At this point your grandchildren will be somewhat concerned about your ability to understand what is real and are likely to tell you your paper airplane will NOT fly you to any of those places. Look at it and say; "Hmmm. You are right." Then hold your airplane so the "nose" points up. Fold it in half again lengthwise, then make a small tear from the open edge just a bit towards the main fold. Tear down towards the bottom and when you are almost at the bottom, tear a slight angle to the right. Set aside the part you tore and unfold your former airplane - you will have a rocket!

Say; "Look at my paper rocket! It is the most amazing rocket, EVER! It will fly me to the moon! It will fly me to (say your favorite planet - I usually say Saturn)! It will fly me all the way to Heaven!!!"

By now your grandchildren will believe you have lost it. They will tell you your paper rocket will NOT fly you to those places and definitely NOT to Heaven. Look at it and say; "Hmmm. You are right." Then unfold your rocket - if you tore and folded correctly, it will make a cross!

Say; "The only way we will be able to get to Heaven is through what Jesus did on the cross. He died on the cross to pay for the sins, the wrong things we have done, so if we choose to believe in Him, He will forgive us for our sins and we will be able to go to Heaven one day."

From here you are able to talk with your grandchildren about making the choice to trust in Jesus. If they have already made this decision, share this with them - they will enjoy it and be able to use it to share the Good News of Jesus with their friends, too! (You will be able to see this project at the following link -

Share the Good News of Jesus and God's great love with your grandchildren - on purpose this Resurrection Sunday! 

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