Thursday, April 11, 2019

Have a GrandThankful Heart & Model It

Sherry Schumann and I were the people who first started the facebook page for the Legacy Coalition. One of the first posts I wrote for them was about how sad it was in the Bible where we read about generations who forgot God. As a grandma, this is something I'm very concerned about. If people whose grandparents crossed the Jordan and watched as God brought down the walls of Jericho, stopped the sun and all the other amazing things God did; if these people could just a generation or two later "forget" God, I wonder how my grandsons will remember Him.
Apparently, from the number of you who read and shared my post (and another on the same topic which Sherry wrote a couple weeks later), this is a concern for you as well. I understand this. I want my grandsons to grow to be teens, then young adults and then older adults who love, know and follow God. I want them to remember Him. But . . . how does this happen?
Well . . . while there is no "formula", there are some things we are definitely able to do. Clearly, as I often write about, praying and asking God to do what we are not able to do - open their eyes and draw them to Him - is at the top of my list. But there is more.
Three years ago my pastor was teaching through the Book of Romans and spoke about how pride - or a focus upon ourselves is at the center of all sin. I believe he is correct. When the Bible talks about the generations which followed Joshua and how they forgot God, what do you think they "remembered"? What were they noticing and focusing on in place of God? It is most likely they thought about themselves and the things they wanted. This is pride. A focus upon ourselves.
My pastor went on to share from Romans 1:21 how the "antidote" to pride is thankfulness. I know God has given me so much for which to be thankful - and continues to do so each and every day! I believe this is the key - a thankful heart! If we are focused upon thanking God for His many blessings - big and small - each and every day, our focus will be upon God! We will not be able to "forget" Him, if we are being intentional about watching for God's blessings and being thankful to Him!
I am going to be intentional about being a thankful grandma! I will share with my grandsons every time I see them about the things God is doing in my life and how I am thankful! I will ask them to share with me the things for which they are thankful as well. If they learn to be always watching for God's hand in their lives and have hearts which are thankful, I believe they will not forget God. I believe they will love Him more and more!
So, today, the first day of my commitment to be a thankful grandma, I am thankful for something "big" . . . the health of my grandsons. I know many grandparents and parents have serious concerns about the health of the children they love. For whatever reason, God has blessed my grandsons with health and I am so thankful.
I'd like to invite you to share with me about something for which you are thankful to God - your, GrandThanks. Then, share with your grandchildren, too! Model to them what it looks like to have a thankful heart - be sure to ask them about the things for which they are thankful as well. Let's be thankful people who remember God and His many blessings and who model this to our grandchildren!

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