Thursday, April 11, 2019

It is Not about a Bunny, It is About the Lamb - Have Fun Building Memories & Tradition

One thing we are able to do as grandmas is plan for fun times with our grandchildren; times which will build memories, traditions and our relationship with our grandchildren. For example, each year my grandsons decorate eggs at my house and then after Resurrection Sunday dinner, their parents hide the eggs in my yard and the boys go find them. It is just fun. We do this just for fun.

Fun is, well, fun! And it is an important part of building our relationship with our grandchildren. It also gives us the opportunity to hand down faith. After my grandsons find their eggs, we talk about what Resurrection Sunday is really all about - it is not about a bunny; it is about the Lamb!

So, plan for fun. Create memories and traditions. Enjoy your time with your grandchildren. And, use these fun times to hand down the faith! 

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