Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Know What Makes Your Grandchild, "Tick"

You may be a grandparent who is focused upon handing down the faith and who is able to see the fruit of all you do with your grandchildren. You may be a grandparent who sincerely wants to hand down the faith to your grandchildren, but may not be sure where to begin. You also may have tried to hand down the faith, but feel like your efforts were not as effective as you had hoped. If you are not sure where to begin, or have tried in the past with varying results, I want you to know, one important "key" to handing faith to your grandchildren is to know what makes them "tick". If you know the things which already interest your grandchildren, you will then be able to take those things which interest them and connect them to God's Word.

For example, if your grandchildren love building things, you could grab a box of building bricks and spend time building together. Or if they enjoy knitting/crocheting, you could work on a project together. As you build/knit, talk about how God created/built them. Read from Psalms 139 and share how God says He "knit" them together - which is another way to say He enjoyed building your grandchild. These are just two examples, but it is important for you to discover whatever it is your grandchildren enjoy doing - whatever it is which makes them "tick" - and then use it to hand down the faith. 

If you are going to be successful at handing down the faith to your grandchildren, you have to get their attention. Once you have their attention, they will be able to remember what you are talking about, understand it, live it and have a changed life. So, if you are going to get their attention, you need to know what makes them, "tick". You need to know who they are.

So, spend time with your grandchildren. Ask questions. Pay attention to the things they say and do. Learn who they are and what makes them "tick". Once you know them, you will find opportunities to hand down the faith.

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