Monday, April 22, 2019

Our High Calling & Definite Blessing

"Nurture" is a word we use, especially when we think about the role we have as grandmas - and grandpas, too. But, do we know the most important parts of nuturing?

Well, defines the word as . . . 
  • to feed and protect: to nurture one's offspring
  • to support and encourage as during the period of training or development; foster to nurture promising musicians.
  • to bring up; train; educate.
Yes, as grandmas and grandpas we nurture our grandchildren - we feed, protect, support, encourage and some of us even bring up our grandchildren. These are all significant and important ways we, "nurture" our grandchildren.

But, there is more to nurturing; much more. We nurture by praying, reading God's Word to and with our grandchildren, taking them to church with us and having important conversations with them about their walk with God; nurturing means we hand down the faith. If we live far from our grandchildren we also nurture by praying, sending verses to our grandchildren by email or snail mail, reading Bible verses over the phone or through facetime and by having important conversations together as well.

We nurture in ways which make a difference to how they physically and emotionally grow up and we nurture as we are intentional when it comes to handing down the faith.

So, yes, we are nurturers - and it is most certainly both a high calling and a definite blessing.

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