Saturday, April 6, 2019

Saturday Promises - God Will Bless Us & Our Descendants with a New World & His Presence - Isaiah 65

Don't you just love the promises in these verses! They fill my heart with hope and joy. These wonderful promises are not just for me, but they are for my grown children and my grandchildren - my descendants as well. Look at what God promises . . .
  • He is going to create a new world in which we will live. All the brokenness of this world will be gone; we will be able to live forever in a new world
  • The pain of this world and life will not be remembered - they will not even come to mind
  • God's new creation will bring us joy
  • God plans to bless us and our descendants
  • God will hear and answer our prayers; before we even ask
These verses are so encouraging to me. Not only does God promise to bless me with a new world and His presence, but my descendants as well. This is a message I will be certain to hand down . . . God loves them, they are able to know and love Him back.

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