Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Time We Have Left

When I read these verses from Psalms 90, there is something huge which stands out for me . . . twice in these verses I read where God reminds me to be mindful of, "the time I have left". While I do not know how many days are before me, I am absolutely certain there are fewer days before me than there are behind me. 

So, when I read where God is telling me to learn how to, "use wisely all the time I have left", to be satisfied with God's love, and to, "celebrate and be glad for the time I have left", this catches my attention. It absolutely matters what I do with the time I have left. I must use it wisely - and this means being focused upon handing down the faith to my grown children and grandchildren.

And, rather than feel sad about having fewer days before me than there are behind me, I am to celebrate and be glad for the gift of, "time" God has given me - no matter how long it may, or may not be. I have "time" today to hand down the faith. This "time" is a gift from God. And should I wake tomorrow, I am able to rejoice, because God has gifted me with more "time" which I am able to use to hand down the faith!

Then verse 16 - this verse fills my heart with joy! In it I read where I am able to ask God to, "do wonderful things for me" which will, "show His mighty power to my children" - and grandchildren as well. In Deuteronomy 6 God tells us - you and I as the grandparents - to walk with Him. We have to have a relationship with Him, if we are ever going to be able to hand down the faith. When we take time to talk with God . . . and ask Him to, "do wonderful things" for us, then we will be able to tell our children and grandchildren the many ways, big and small, God has shown His power and love to us. 

This is handing down the faith. This is telling the next generations, so they remember what God has done. This is helping our children and grandchildren learn what it looks like to know, love and walk with God, so they will choose to do the same. This matters.

So, learn to use wisely all the time you have, be satisfied with God's love, celebrate and be glad for the time you have left, ask God to do wonderful things for you, and WATCH for them, so you are able to tell your children and grandchildren how He has shown His mighty power to you - and to them.

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