Monday, April 29, 2019

Treat Wandering Ones with Respect & Trust God to Answer Your Prayers

Last week I reviewed a resource from the Legacy Coalition - and announced a giveaway for one as well; which you still have time to enter if you are interested in doing so - you will find the information you need at this link. This resource, the  Grandparenting DVD: Strengthening Your Family and Passing on Your Faith is a set of DVDs with sessions from the first Legacy Grandparenting Conference taught by three of our Grandmas with Heart - Linda Ranson Jacobs, Cathy Jacobs and Lynda Freeman (as well as sessions by Cavin Harper, Larry Fowler, Valerie Bell, Josh Mulvihill and Rob Rienow) and a workbook written by another Grandma with Heart - Sherry Schumann. 

In one of the sessions taught by Rob Rienow he tells how he shared his faith as an adult with his dad; who was an athiest. He said even though his dad told him not to speak to him about Jesus, he felt he had to do so. While this may be okay to do if you are talking about sharing Jesus with a parent, I believe you must be very careful in a case where your grown son or daughter has wandered, as not only do you risk alienating your son or daughter, you may end up losing all contact and influence with your grandchildren as well.

It is important for us to keep open the lines of communication when we have a son or daughter - or older grandchild who wanders from their faith. We need to continue to show God's love to them, be available to answer questions/talk if they choose and hold them up in prayer. We need to trust God to do what He is able to do - draw them back to Him - and not get in the way of He is doing.

It is difficult for us as parents to not tell our adult sons/daughters/grandchildren what to do/believe, but when they are adults, we no longer are able to do this. We go from the position of being the one who sets boundaries and who tells them what to do, to being a person who no longer does these things. We are not able to treat them as children; and should not try to do so. 

When our children and grandchildren become adults, we need to treat them as adults. They are not going to forget what we believe; they know the truth. Insisting on telling them what they have asked we do not talk about, will not give them information they do not know. It will just push them farther away. We need to strengthen our ties by building a relationship which is built upon respect and love and we need to be people who share as they provide opportunities to do so - by asking questions - and who are committed to pray for them. God is able to do what we are not - trust Him to answer your prayers.

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