Saturday, April 13, 2019

Watch for What God is Doing

It has been very windy where I live for the past few days. I am able to hear the wind blow - loudly - throughout the day and night. I am able to look out my window and see the branches on the trees sway, bend and dance in the wind - pretty much non-stop. I am able to see bits of leaves and plants blow around from the wind. Oh yes, even though I am not able to see the actual wind, I have no doubt it is windy outside, because I am absolutely able to see and hear what the wind is doing.

I need this reminder from Billy Graham. There are prayers I pray which I would really love to see God answer; now. Since He has not answered in a way I am able to see, it is easy to become discouraged and wonder if He ever will answer, or if He even hears my prayers. But I know the truth is, whether I am able to see what He is doing or not, God is doing something to answer my prayers in the way which is best. This is the truth and I choose to hold securely to the truth.

Life - being busy, being distracted by things - also makes it easy for us to not notice what God is doing; but this does not mean He is not working or He is not answering our prayers! Be alert! Watch for what God is doing! Keep a record of how God works in your life and be sure to share it with your grandchildren, so they are able to see what He is doing, too! 

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